Monday, January 18, 2010


WOW!! Again, time has FLOWN by and I haven't updated my blog. We've had LOTS going on......
We went down to Utah for the Utah State vs. Boise State game. GO BOISE!! As you can
see, it was FREEZING!!!

Next, we spent Thanksgiving with Jason's family in Vernal! I knew Jason's mom side of the family was BIG, I've seen pictures, but HOLY COW! We filled the church gym.....we had LOTS of good food and fun!
All of us with Jason's Grandma A.

We brought the kids home with us after Thanksgiving, and went to the Night Light Parade here in Pocatello. Pocatello Power sports does a float/bikes, so the boys dressed up warm and rode with Jason & some of the guys from the shop. Morgan & I cozied up on the sidewalk and waited
for the parade to start.

The end of November, Jason was dirt biking with a couple of buddies out in the American Falls desert, and hit something, crashed and broke his right femer bone. I think he'd kill me if I posted the pictures I have of him in the hospital, so I won't. He is doing better every single day, but it's still going to be LONG next few months.
We had an AWESOME Company Christmas is one of the 50 pictures I took that night....we had a GREAT time.

My Grandpa Walker turned 85 this year, so we had a little get together for dinner. He was SUPER excited!

Last, Jason turned 40 this last weekend. I lied to him ALL week about where I was going and what I was doing, trying to get ready for a HUGE surprise party. I didn't think we were going to get him out to the party spot.......but I pulled it off and he was SUPER surprised!! We had a GREAT time with LOTS of friends!!
I told Jason I was working, so I didn't see him ALL day! I gave him his present when we got home from the party. He decorated himself with the tissue from his gift........and then found his IPOD! I can't WAIT til we get music downloaded on it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!!
So our lives in a nut shell have been BUSY BUSY BUSY and loaded with LOTS OF FUN!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where does the time go?!?!

I can't believe my last post was in August! That seems like an ETERNITY ago! Things have been SO busy in our lives......a quick recap, I'll post pictures as soon as I charge my camera battery!
The 1st weekend of August, we went to Salmon and played in a 3 day softball tournament. We lost every game, but had a BLAST. Floated the Salmon river the last day there. The following weekend, we went to the Braun Brother's Reunion in Challis. It's SO fun to go and camp, hang out with friends, BBQ, and listen to some GREAT music. I played in a few of golf tournaments in August.........a couple for work, and one just for fun. It's not fun to golf in the rain!!! :) We FINALLY closed on our house on Aug. 25th. We are STILL unpacking boxes out of the garage, and getting things put where we like. I told Jason, there has GOT to be a place for my car in the garage before the snow flies, so he's been working out there a LOT! We've gone down to Utah for most of the boys football games, and Morgan's choir concert last week. We went to Vegas for Halloween weekend. Went down to see our good friend Jon Percy race at the NHRA drag races, and get out of town for a weekend. We had SO much fun, I can't wait til next year to go again! Dressing up in Vegas is PURE EXCITEMENT!! Jason & I are going to see Elton John & Billy Joel next weekend, then it's the Holidays.............lots of traveling, shopping, eating, decorating! I'm EXCITED!!! Like I said, I'll post pictures soon. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This summer, every time I see a scooter driving around town, I say in a high pitched voice, "I wanna scooter". When Tayson sees one before I do, he elbows me, looks at me, and waits for me to say it.......well yesterday "I GOT A SCOOTER" Jason found a GREAT deal and then talked the guy down........................I can't WAIT to tell Tayson I GOT A SCOOTER!!!!
Thanks Jason!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raging Waters

Last summer I took the kids to Raging Waters in SLC while Jason was at a dirtbike race. They've asked EVER since if we could go again this summer.....well ABSOLUTELY! I LOVE that place. We went the last weekend of July and had a was a LONG ride home after 7 hours in the sun, but we had a GREAT day!
Driving down, I got SUPER bored, so I had to get my camera out.

Can anyone say CHEESE!!!!

At the park..............going down the big roller coaster slides at the end of the day, I was so proud of the kids, they all did it at least once!!! (check out jason in the bottom picture, he is off the slide)


Salmon Softball Tournament

This last weekend, August 1-3, our Mama Inez softball team went to Salmon to play in a softball tournament. We got there late Friday night, got checked into our hotel and met up with the team. We had a GREAT time that night..........almost TOO great of a time, because our 8:00 game on Saturday morning was ROUGH! We got our butts kicked EVERY game, like always in Salmon, but had a GREAT time. We always rent rafts and float the river which is the main reason we all go. I had to buy a waterproof disposable camera, so I'll post rafting pictures later, but here are a few...................

Kellie jumping off the bridge....she was SOOO nervous!!!
Our softball team!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a LONG day!

Tayson is our only kid this week~Morgan is at dance camp and Dylan is at scout camp. Jason took Tayson to the shop with him yesterday to "work". At Pocatello Power Sports, they are in the process of moving everything into the new part of the building while they remodel the old part. I think they both had a SUPER long day. This is what our couch looked like at 10:00 last night..............
Which lately at 10:00, we are still going strong. Moving, rearranging, unpacking, sometimes still eating dinner............TOO cute!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where did June go?

Wow, a lot has happened in the last month.
#1~On May 31st, I turned 30!!!! We had a bbq at the house, lots of friends, great food, and fun!! Weird to think that I'm THIRTY!!! Gettin OLD!!! I'm ok though...don't feel any different than I did at 29! I played in a golf tournament for work the Friday before my birthday, so I got an early b-day present from Jason, a new putter. Then on Sunday, he spoiled always!! He is SO good at buying me gifts....a GREAT pair of flip flops, a tanning package, a gift certificate for a little get away.

#2~The kids came up on June 4th to spend the summer here~we have had LOTS of fun! They are at "Family Camp" this week, and I MISS them!!! Dylan's birthday was May 22nd, so we gave him his birthday presents that day..........a LONG BOARD! He is AWESOME on that thing!

#3~I woke up on the 16th not feeling good, went to work for a couple hours, and just couldn't deal with the pain I had in my side. Went to the Dr. on the morning of the 17th, had a CT scan done, and about 1/2 hour after I left the imaging center, I got a call to head to the ER. I needed my appendix out IMMEDIATELY! So, off I have my FIRST surgery! Jason was by my side the ENTIRE time, he is SO good to me!!

4th~Since I was off work recovering, I figured we've got nice weather I may as well take the kids to the pool and I can lay on a lawn chair, soak in some rays, and read a good book. So we hit the Ross Park Pool one day.................then Lava Hot Springs pool another. 3 little fish!!!!

5th~For the first time in a long time the kids got to spend Father's Day with Jason! We went all him a GREAT patio heater and a couple of really nice new razors. The kids were SO excited to give him his gifts. They picked out the card, each wrote their own little thing. Jason loved it!

Last~again, since I was off work we took a day and hit the lake to do some tubing. I wanted to go SOOOO bad, but I got a BIG FAT NO from everyone on the boat! FINE....I'll take pictures!!

We are in the process of moving..............AGAIN! We are buying a house and I'm SO excited! I'll post some pictures when it's picture ready! The house is a DISASTER!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boise & Pictures

For Memorial Day weekend, Jason & I loaded up and headed to Boise. We had an appt to get pictures taken on Saturday afternoon at a park in Boise, then planned to meet up with my friend Traci, whom I haven't seen in YEARS. She moved to Tennessee, it feels like AGES ago, and just recently moved back to Moscow. So, we planned a get together!!!!

Here are a few pictures that Amy (my old roommate from Boise & Vegas) took. She owns Heath Photography, and did a GREAT job.....THANKS AMY!!!
Traci, Steve (her husband) Jason & I, playing pool and just hanging out, we had a great time!!! And just for the record, we beat the boys and they STILL owe us pedicures!!!
We came home on Sunday, and did lots of spring cleaning.....on our vehicles! Vacuumed, washed, cleaned out............the WORKS!!!!! I had a GREAT long weekend..................can't wait for the next one!!!