Monday, January 18, 2010


WOW!! Again, time has FLOWN by and I haven't updated my blog. We've had LOTS going on......
We went down to Utah for the Utah State vs. Boise State game. GO BOISE!! As you can
see, it was FREEZING!!!

Next, we spent Thanksgiving with Jason's family in Vernal! I knew Jason's mom side of the family was BIG, I've seen pictures, but HOLY COW! We filled the church gym.....we had LOTS of good food and fun!
All of us with Jason's Grandma A.

We brought the kids home with us after Thanksgiving, and went to the Night Light Parade here in Pocatello. Pocatello Power sports does a float/bikes, so the boys dressed up warm and rode with Jason & some of the guys from the shop. Morgan & I cozied up on the sidewalk and waited
for the parade to start.

The end of November, Jason was dirt biking with a couple of buddies out in the American Falls desert, and hit something, crashed and broke his right femer bone. I think he'd kill me if I posted the pictures I have of him in the hospital, so I won't. He is doing better every single day, but it's still going to be LONG next few months.
We had an AWESOME Company Christmas is one of the 50 pictures I took that night....we had a GREAT time.

My Grandpa Walker turned 85 this year, so we had a little get together for dinner. He was SUPER excited!

Last, Jason turned 40 this last weekend. I lied to him ALL week about where I was going and what I was doing, trying to get ready for a HUGE surprise party. I didn't think we were going to get him out to the party spot.......but I pulled it off and he was SUPER surprised!! We had a GREAT time with LOTS of friends!!
I told Jason I was working, so I didn't see him ALL day! I gave him his present when we got home from the party. He decorated himself with the tissue from his gift........and then found his IPOD! I can't WAIT til we get music downloaded on it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!!
So our lives in a nut shell have been BUSY BUSY BUSY and loaded with LOTS OF FUN!!!

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